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About the Company

Joint-Stock Company Science-Technology Center "COSMOS"

    The JSC STC “COSMOS” was founded in May 1993 on the basis of the Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering which is the leading Russian enterprise in the field of development of radio technical equipment of navigation and space communication systems.

    The main types of production activity of the JSC STC “COSMOS” are:

  • design, installation, commissioning and further technical support of federal distribution networks of SAT and terrestrial TV broadcasting using modern foreign and domestic receiving and transmitting equipment;  
  • creation of corporative VSAT networks;
  • delivery of professional terrestrial SAT TV receiving stations;
  • creation, commissioning and technical support of terrestrial transmitting TV and FM stations of the power from 1 W to 20 kW created on the basis of transmitting equipment of the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers;
  • delivery, commissioning and technical support of modern digital DVB-T and DVB-T2 TV transmitters;
  • creation of terrestrial TV broadcasting networks of the DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards;
  • creation of mobile TV broadcasting networks of the DVB-H standard;
  • creation of Head-End multiservice loading centers.

     In the framework of its activity STC “COSMOS” designs and delivers equipment, installs and commissions, modernizes federal distribution networks of SAT and terrestrial TV broadcasting, provides technical support. Creation and modernization of the networks are carried out on the basis of modern foreign and domestic equipment adapted to Russian TV standards and specific working conditions. Besides, being a distributor of such foreign companies as DMT-SYES, Gilat, Harmonic, Rohde & Schwarz, Harris, RO.VE.R., etc., STC “COSMOS” delivers professional TV, SAT and measuring equipment of the well-known foreign manufacturers and provides further technical support.

     STC “COSMOS” has a Quality Certificate (ISO 9001:2008) and is an associated member of the Self-Regulatory Organization of Builders “Stolitsa” and the Self-Regulatory Organization of  Designers “Interregional Association of Architects and Designers”.

    In the framework of the Federal target programme “Development of TV and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation in 2009-2015” the JSC STC “COSMOS” is responsible for the implementation of projects and for the building of DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial broadcasting networks in 14 regions of the Russian Federation.

    STC “COSMOS” employs qualified specialists in the field of development of system and working projects, experienced managers cooperating with foreign and domestic companies and responsible for the delivery of modern equipment. STC “COSMOS” carries out regular trainings for its engineers and technical specialists who install and put equipment into operation on customer sites.

    STC “COSMOS” together with the DMT-SYES Company (Milan, Italy) and the Russian plant “Signal” (Obninsk, Kaluga Region) is a cofounder of the joint venture “Signal Digital Broadcasting” (SDB) founded to manufacture modern digital DVB-T2 TV transmitters in Russia.

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